WARNING This carrier DOES NOT provide any ballistic threat protection You must provide your own armor plates and/or panels

SPECTER FOLIAGE GREEN  617 MPC-1 Modular Plate Carrier (x-large )
SPECTER FOLIAGE GREEN 617 MPC-1 Modular Plate Carrier (x-large )
Item# SPECTER-617-FG
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Product Description

SPECTER FOLIAGE GREEN  617 MPC-1 Modular Plate Carrier (x-large )
Size X-Large fits users with 42" to 48" waist sizes

Will accommodate up to 11" x 14" conventional hard armor plates with plate backers via an adjustable internal plate sleeve.

Can be used with or without wrap around side panels.

1000 denier cordura outer construction with all bartack locations backed up with 1250 denier ballistic nylon at a minimum.

Chest and back panels padded with 3/8" EVA closed cell foam and feature stitched in cooling channels.

Adjustable shoulder pads with 3/8" EVA closed cell foam padding.

2" wide Type 17337 shoulder straps with back mounted heavy duty side release buckles.

2" x 6" upper chest velcro ID panel.

Rear drag handle.

Removable 1.5" inner waistbelt.

Side panels feature external as well as internal modular webbing.

Side panels feature a removable HDPE insert. The insert location can also be used for insertion of custom soft armor panels.

Side panels are anchored and adjusted by 4" wide velcro attached to two layers of 4" wide heavy duty elastic. This creates a very stable yet flexible adjustment system.

Side panel anchor is removable and replaceable.

Front and rear flap assemblies feature secondary snapped safety straps. The front safety strap features an extra long tab for easy access.

The front flap also forms a velcro lined pocket for storing documents or mounting other items such as velcro backed knife sheaths.

Dual outer shoulder pad elastic tube/cable routing loops as well as internal tube/cable routing capability.

All stress points bartacked.

All MOLLE/PALS attachment points bartacked.

As with all of our products, this item is made in the USA using only top quality materials and manufacturing procedures.

The MPC-1 is available in the following sizes: Small/Medium fits users with up to 36" waist sizes Size Large fits users with 36" to 42" waist sizes Size X-Large fits users with 42" to 48" waist sizes

NOTE: These size variations pertain only to the inner waist belt and side panel dimensions. The front panel, back panel, shoulder strap and shoulder pad dimensions remain consistent from size to size