100% Cotton Ripstop This is a lighter weight cloth in a ripstop weave that breathes well and is initially durable. Consistent with other cotton fabrics, the color will fade quickly, and over time the cotton fibers will lose their strength under industrial wear and laundering. If color integrity is an important end-user expectation, please do not choose this cloth. Returns on account of color loss are not available.

Propper 100% Cotton Rip stop Woodland GREEN  BDU Trouser - Button Fly
Propper 100% Cotton Rip stop Woodland GREEN BDU Trouser - Button Fly
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Product Description

Description Propper BDUs are sewn to military specification MIL-T-44047E and feature six pockets, four of which with button flaps. Both seat and knee are double-reinforced and this trouser also has felled inseam, outseam and seat seam. Other features include fused pocket flaps, a four-button fly, adjustable waist tabs with 4 bar tacks and drain holes in the Bellows pockets. The nylon drawstring leg closures are fused knottted and tacked. multicam

Specs: Sewn to Military Specification MIL-T-44047E Six Pockets, Four with Button Flaps Fused Pokcet Flaps Four Button Fly Double Reinforced Seat and Knee Adjustable Waist Tabs and Four Bar Tacks Drain Holes in Bellows Pockets Nylon Drawstring Leg Closures (Fused, Knotted, Tacked) Felled Inseam, Outseam and Seat Seam COG(9BD) XSMREG 8415-01-084-1706, SMSHT 8415-01-084-1708, SM REG 8415-01-084-1709, SM LONG 8415-01-084-1710, MEDSHT 8415-01-084-1712, MED RED 8415-01-084-1713, LG REG 8415-01-084-1017, LG LONG 8415-01-084-1714, XLG REG 8415-01-084-1715, XLG LONG 8415-01-134-3197, MED LONG 8415-01-084-1717,